Custom Design + Manufacturing

Research & Development, pilot line and high volume manufacturing of semiconductor and solid state devices is intricately tied to the available process equipment. While production equipment for high volume silicon chip manufacturing is readily available, the need for high performance, quality prototype reactors, for custom designed and R&D equipment, goes mostly begging. Tystar Corporation has a team of experts with many years of experience in the design and fabrication of semiconductor process equipment, electronic control systems, vacuum technology and solid state processing. Tystar has the expertise in integrating process reactors for atmospheric and reduced pressure from vacuum components, gas control systems, heat sources, laser and UV light sources, RF and microwave sources and the electronic process controllers. Tystar has proven designs for all required subsystems for integration into your custom designed reactor system.

Tystar has manufacturing, assembly and testing capabilities for special, custom designed reactors. Clean room assembly of equipment and subsystems will guarantee low particulate generation for Class 10 operation. Tystar has custom design expertise for special reactors in the following areas:

The following special subsystem designs for these reactors are available:

TYTAN Custom Designed

Tystar's dedicated engineering team of more than 30 years experience will work one-on-one with you from A to Z. Tystar will develop a custom engineered system design to your specific needs, deliver it to your site and provide technical support for the entire lifetime of the system.

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