Tystar TYTAN Furnace

Tystar designs and manufactures industry leading thin film deposition systems and equipments for the semiconductor, MEMS, solar, and nanotechnology industries.

Engineering Backed by over 30 Years of Experience

Flexible Layouts

Tystar system layouts can be configured specifically to fit into a customer's clean room floor plan.


The TYTAN furnace systems can accept all wafer sizes from chips to 2" - 8" wafers and still maintain excellent uniformity by just changing the wafer boat. No equipment changes are necessary.


Outstanding process control guarantees excellent uniformities and minimal particle generation.


A patented isothermal design reduces gas and electricity usage. Proprietary exhaust systems prevents hazing on wafers.


Tystar offers top-rated systems and lifetime technical and process support at an affordable price. Get a quote for more details.

Proven Reliability

With over 1200 systems installed worldwide, Tystar's serves prestigious universities, research labs, and tech companies around the world.

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