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TYTAN Furnace Systems

TYTAN Overview


TYTAN furnace Systems are used in the fabrication of semiconductor devices, MEMS, and photovoltaic cells. Several hundred furnaces have been installed worldwide by Tystar and they are all in successful operation, some systems in excess of 20 years. A TYTAN furnace is a delicate assembly of various components and subassemblies. Mechanical parts, electronic components and sophisticated quartzware are all specially designed to protect the integrity of the silicon wafers during processing. During operation, the furnace is operating at temperatures of up to 1,300 C. It can be exposed to toxic and corrosive gases and liquids. The furnace deign has been continuously refined by Tystar over the last 30 years with improvements in its performance and reliability. The process controllers have been redesigned several times to enhance its ease of operation and its accuracy. TYTAN furnace systems are designed for durability, stability and serviceability. TYTAN furnace systems offer a unique approach to the silicon wafer processing industry. The patented heat-plug provides with a much more compact furnace without compromising the throughput. This design results in superior process uniformity and higher wafer production yield. Strengths of the TYTAN technology are:

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