Process Control + Data Collection Systems

Tystar offers a wide variety of control systems for use in the semiconductor and related industries. Our control systems have been refined with the assistance of customer input to a high level of functionality and ease of use. All operator controls are installed in an easily-accessible control console. Temperature sensing inside the process tube, an adaptive temperature control algorithm and the integration of gas controls, pressure control, timing, sequencing, and wafer loading and unloading have led to a powerful control system for semiconductor hot wall reactors.


The Tystar FCS 30/10 is a programmable central process controller for semiconductor process equipment systems. It handles recipe generation and storage, while monitoring and displaying equipment status, configuration and alarms for each furnace tube. The FCS 30/10 acts as a master controller, interfacing with the host computer (via an RS 232 serial communication data link), gas panel, temperature controller, vacuum system and wafer loader. The system's program and recipe generator include both remote-terminal and tube-level modes. The FCS 30/10 has the storage capacity for 10 recipes with up to 400 process steps each, an abort program for fail-safe operation in the event of equipment malfunction, three levels of password protection and a 45-day battery back-up.


The Tystar FCS 20 bank controller permits networking of the FCS 10 tube computer, remote control and editing from a PC. With the FCS 20 users can remotely monitor and manage all tubes from a central computer workstation. The user can easily write, store, modify, print, upload and download recipes to any tubes being managed. The FCS 20 interfaces with most host controllers. The FCS 10 and 20 are compatible with high speed data links, such as LANs, and continuously monitor and display equipment status, configuration and alarms for each furnace tube.


The Tystar TCU Temperature Control Unit is an adaptive, three-mode digital controller that manages furnace heater temperatures during recovery, ramping and steady state operation without operator intervention. Providing automatic calibration of the furnace tube over the desired temperature range, the TCU controls three or five independent heater zones and has built-in redundancy in case of thermocouple failure. Initially, it operates in a learning mode and stores all optimized control criteria in memory. The TCU interfaces directly with the SCR firing circuit and automatically calibrates both the primary and back-up thermocouples.


The Tystar DCS 30 is a process data collection and monitoring system. Every ten seconds, it gathers and stores all process data from Tystar's FCS 10 controller, including temperature, gas flows, process pressure, location of the wafer load, alarms and set point deviations. Data can be displayed graphically or numerically. With the split-screen feature, process data can be compared with prior process batches. The stored process data can be used later for statistical process analysis.


The Tystar MFS 460 Electronic Gas Controller directs the process gas flows for up to six individual mass flow controllers. In either manual or automatic mode, the MFS 460 monitors gas flows, provides flow error bands, and displays set points and actual gas flows. For low-pressure CVD applications, the unit provides reactor pressure readouts and closed-loop pressure control. The MFS 460 also stores gas interlocks, gas ratio controls and error bands in an EPROM, guaranteeing safe handling of all process gases. It interfaces (via an RS 232 serial communication data link) with the master controller, such as the Tystar FCS 10.


The TYMGARD is an independent simplified programmable process controller with event timing and sequencing for a variety of equipment. It can operate in either manual or automatic mode and stores several process recipes with up to 99 process steps each. The TYMGARD provides analog and contact closure outputs as well as temperature set points. Process parameters are displayed on a fluorescent display. The unit is also capable of self-diagnostics and fault message display.

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