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TYTAN Furnace Processes

Furnace Tube Being Unloaded

Process technology has become a very important aspect of semiconductor fabrication equipment. Semiconductor manufacturers require from the equipment supplier not only process recipes for their processes, but in addition, performance guarantees for deposition rates, film uniformities, and etc. Frequently complete process characterization is requested, showing sensitivity and limitations for each particular process.
TYTAN Furnace systems can be used for all conventional atmospheric and low-pressure CVD processes employed in the semiconductor industry. A variety of advanced wafer fabrication processes have been developed by Tystar for the following application:

  • Semiconductor device fabrication or manufacturing
  • MEMS fabrication or manufacturing
  • Optical MEMS fabrication or manufacturing
  • Carbon Nanotube (CNT) fabrication or manufacturing
  • Graphene fabrication
  • Nanowire fabrication or manufacturing
  • Optical waveguides fabrication or manufacturing
  • Photovoltaic solar cell fabrication or manufacturing
  • Optical sensors fabrication or manufacturing


Tystar Corporation does not take any responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage that may result from using data contained herein. The uniformity data presented in this report is for 8 wafers. For smaller wafers, a better or comparable uniformity may be achieved. The definition of uniformity used in this report is percentile ratio of one σ standard deviation to the average thickness, i.e., 100 x (σ/average) The data shown here are not fundamental limits but may be considered typical.