TYTAN Nano Series

Solar Tytan

TYTAN Nano series furnaces have been developed for nano materials production and/or processing. They can be for lab-scale research, semi-production, or mass production of nano materials depending on the model and configurations.

A variety of nano materials have been produced by Tystar customers. Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs) can be produced either in Single Walled CNT (SWCNT) or Multi Walled CNT MWCNT) form. Graphenes can be deposited on a wafer to a single layer or to a multilayer thickness. Nano wires may be grown of a variety of different materials. Tystar Nano series furnaces are useful tools for the production of:

  • Vertically Aligned CNT or VACNT of up to a few mm.
  • Horizontally Aligned CNT (HACNT)
  • Entangled (or cotton-like) CNT
  • Vertically Aligned Nanowires
  • Horizontally Aligned Nonowires
  • Randomly Oriented Nanowires
  • Graphenes
  • Graphene oxide (GO)
  • Other nano materials

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