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Tystar Corporation

Tystar is a service- and solutions-oriented electronics and semiconductor equipment supplier specializing in diffusion, oxidation and LPCVD furnace systems as well as related equipment. Our products are known throughout the industry as dependable workhorse systems, fulfilling the need for high quality, efficiency and value.

Tystar has more than 50 years of combined experience developing equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry. Tystar's primary products include TYTAN furnace systems, process control systems, a wide range of additional process equipment and accessories, as well as value-added services. Our products are used in many segments of the business, serving manufacturers of integrated circuits, MEMS, power semiconductor devices, opto-electronic devices, solar cells, fiber optic devices and semiconductor materials.

Tystar developed and patented a unique heat-plug which provides the user with a much more compact furnace without compromising throughput. This design results in superior process uniformity and higher-yield wafer production.

Located in Garden Grove, California, Tystar Corporation was formed in 1988 after the acquisition of several product lines from Tylan Corporation, including the TYTAN furnace system for semiconductor device fabrication. Tystar assembled a team of experts in this field, bringing many years of experience to the company. With more than 1,600 furnace tubes installed and operational worldwide, Tystar maintains a global presence.